May 16, 2010

Puerto Rico 5.7 Earthquake

This is how I first learned about Puerto Rico's 5.7 earthquake.

  • Twitter: 5am Sunday morning May 16, 2010 @Flipbooks tweeted:

Earthquake rattles Puerto Rico (CNN) #Newsless than a minute ago via Seesmic

Direct Link:

  • Call to parents. They slept through the 1am eq. When I called they were watching channel 6 (local) where no reports of casualties, fallen buildings or residential dwelling had been filed at that time. Although many after shocks had occurred. See maps link below for detailed quake activity.
  • My twitter update approx 8:00am:

Update: PR eq was felt throughout entire island. 20+ minor after shocks. Ppl reporting exp. on local tv-gov channel.less than a minute ago via Snaptu

Direct Link:

PR EQ Map:
Puerto Rico Earthquake Data/Map via Earthquake.USGS.Gov

Google: Search Results: PR Earthquake 5.7

PR Radio:
Puerto Rico Radio Station Links via scroll down on that page you'll see broader list of stations that are currently streaming.