November 15, 2013

Fresh off the digital press

Inviting you to the launch of Rica Magazine, the magazine for successful women, as described on their site.

This magazine offers rich content including articles featuring successful Latinas, style, arts and entertainment, books, music and much more.

Right off the bat my favorite part is the webpage format. Very easy to navigate. Many interesting topics are covered in a non cluttered manner. Always a plus in my book.

It could be the technical part of me that lit up with a smile after landing on the page. Looked around and was still smiling.  More over, the content did catch my eye due to excellent headlines and accompanying media. You should check it out. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Congratulating to Rica Magazine on today's launch. Looking forward to frequently visiting you.

(Disclaimer: Not affiliated in any way, shape or form with today's featured site. I do not receive compensation for writing this article, if I did I'd tell you.)