February 11, 2011

Egypt Liberated Feb 11, 2011

I had kept a very close eye on the Jan 25, 2011 events. A day also known as the day of rage/anger in Egypt. Tweeters began adding the #Jan25 twibbon on their profiles to show their support for the Egyptians. All throughout, day by day the situation became less certain except for one constant. The Egyptian will was not to be divided nor swayed.

The following sites have chronicled the events that launched Egypt to stand firm arm and arm for change after 30 years of overwhelming unemployment, poverty and horrific crimes against everyday citizens.

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-17 Days of Protest Against Hosni Mubarak by Reuters.com
-Photo Essay Egyptian Uprising Jan 25th - Feb 1st by Matadornetwork.com .
-How Wael Ghonim became one of the faces of Egypt's uprising by NewsNationalPost.com
-Wael Ghonim on Facebook  and his Twitter page: @ghonim
-Rss Feed : Egypt Uprising Chronological Search Results

I hope you join me in jubilation for the courageous people of Egypt on this day of liberation as Mubarak set forth a statement that he has stepped down as President of Egypt. It is something to be said that today on the anniversary of the birth of Thomas Alva Edison a man credited with inventing the electric light bulb, that the nation of Egypt sees a new light, the light of possibility and a better future for it's people.

Congratulations Egypt!!!