March 20, 2015

Mom's Homemade Sofrito

Cilantro, red/green peppers, onions and garlic.
Every time my mom is in town she makes batches of her delicious sofrito. After the ingredients are blended, she pours the sofrito in small plastic containers. Once frozen we remove them from the containers and toss them together in large freezer bags. This is the most convenient way for us to use the sofrito without having to defrost large containers as I had been doing. In the photo are all the ingredients mom uses in her sofrito. Growing up she made sofrito, yet I never committed the recipe to memory. Mom was always there to make it, adding her special touch. I've since have learned how to make it. My daughters can now also continue the tradition of making their own sofrito and hopefully passing it down to their children.  Sure you can purchase ready made sofrito, yet there is no substitute for gathering together and creating memories. The kitchen, I have learned, is the ideal place to reintroduce our cultural traditions while spending precious moments together.

Thank you mom.